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    When it comes down to making the right impression in your business, everything matters especially hiring vendors. Are you tired of having to replace janitorial companies every month due to incompetency on the job? Well, it’s time you took care of that problem permanently by hiring NeatClean Commercial Janitorial Services. At NeatClean, we offer professional janitorial services geared towards making your commercial environment spotless and healthy for your day-to-day activities.
    Our team of cleaning professionals delivers exceptional sanitizing, disinfection, and general cleaning services to every section of your commercial space. For years, we’ve served the Toronto community and its surrounding areas with high-performance janitorial cleaning services that support hygiene in businesses and community-based enterprises. You can guarantee professionalism with our high standards of janitorial cleaning and maintenance on your floors, equipment, surfaces in general.

    Commercial Cleaning Services for
    NeatClean Clients


    Office Cleaning

    NeatClean offers customized cleaning plans tailored to fit a wide range of business types and office spaces. We channel our janitorial services to fit every client's daily operations. Our cleaning plans help to provide and boost customer satisfaction in businesses as well as increase staff productivity in your offices. Keeping your employees healthy and customers happy by maintaining a healthy office environment remains our goal at NeatClean.

    Mental & Dental Clinic Cleaning

    Medical & Dental Clinic Cleaning

    We are a high-performance cleaning company trained to provide professional janitorial service in medical and dental clinics. Our highly trained cleaning crew offers thorough disinfecting of the surfaces of high traffic areas like the waiting room and walkways. NeatClean guarantees top-notch sanitization cleaning services by maintaining the high disinfecting standards of dental and medical clinics. We are trained to disinfect and sanitize medical buildings to accommodate the public.


    Industrial Cleaning

    Our janitorial services cover high-maintenance cleaning in industrial service areas and businesses. NeatClean trains its experts to be aware of hazardous substances when sanitizing the industrial environs. We are extremely safety cautious during our cleaning rounds with highly sensitive machines and equipment. Due to the technicalities involved in industrial cleaning, we only pair experienced cleaning personnel to handle your unique industrial cleaning needs.

    Disinfection Cleaning Services

    Disinfection Cleaning Services

    We specialize in general commercial property disinfection services on businesses and services areas of all kinds. Our disinfection cleaning services guarantee a work environment where both staff and customers stay optimally protected against germs. NeatClean makes it impossible for viruses, germs, and pathogens to thrive around your business thereby reducing the chances of illness on the job. Our experts utilize standardized disinfection techniques approved by leading government organizations.

    Why Our Janitorial Services Stand Out!

    Advanced Technology & Cleaning Solutions

    Advanced Technology & Cleaning Solutions

    Offering janitorial cleaning services for years has helped us to evolve beyond the scope of regular soap-solution cleaning methodologies. NeatClean offers optimality and professionalism to its clients by utilizing advanced technology for dirt and stain assessment. We inspect surfaces, machines, and equipment properly before offering the most suitable janitorial service technology and solutions per time. Our high-performance janitorial cleaning solutions eliminate bacteria, VOCs, and Airborne dust.

    Quality Control

    Quality Control

    We understand the importance of effective communication and how it helps to enhance productivity in the commercial space. NeatClean makes available a strong line of communication between our cleaning experts and supervising managers from our respective clients. We make this accessible at all times to provide a "close-the-loop" communication on janitorial cleaning tasks to be executed by our team. The team also welcomes inspection to ensure we meet the standards of your cleaning needs per time.

    Customized Cleaning Plan

    Customized Cleaning Plan

    We are aware of the diversity in different industries and businesses today. This is why NeatClean commercial janitorial services come with a customized cleaning plan to fit into your cleaning needs. Our managers welcome customizable requests on your cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing needs to guarantee overall cleanliness in your work environment. Start today by reaching out for a free consultation session where we help you create a customized janitorial cleaning plan.

    Quality at Affordable Quotes

    Quality at Affordable Quotes

    For budget-friendly quotes, businesses continue to enjoy our top-notch and high-performance janitorial cleaning services. NeatClean supports the growth of businesses by providing quality janitorial service at affordable rates. Our experience in the cleaning business has helped us build relationships with leading disinfectant brands to get quality products at substantial rates. We, therefore, assist businesses by offering quality at budget-friendly rates at all times.

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    Covid-19 Prevention & Control How we protect our customers


    To our valued customers,
    We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 development since December and
    adjusting our cleaning procedures accordingly. After the first case in Canada, we
    immediately advised and trained our team to be proactive in protecting themselves as
    well as to make sure our cleaning protocols were modified to combat the virus.
    At Neatclean Commercial we created cleaning protocols to ensure all workplaces are
    clean, healthy and safe for staff and visitors.
    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we would like to share with you the precautions our
    company has implemented to help keep your Business and our staff safe and well. Now,
    more than ever, disinfecting surfaces is of utmost importance. Our cleaners must wear
    gloves and masks while they are cleaning and have been trained on how to safely
    remove the gloves, masks and wash hands before and after cleaning.
    We will continue to provide cleaning services, but have implemented precautions to
    ensure the safety of our clients and team members.
    Please Visit Office Disinfection Services for more information