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Maintain a Customer-friendly Business Area With Our Professional Commercial Cleaning Services.


    Are you having issues with cleaning your business space? Let us help! Getting every inch of your work or business space cleaned and sanitized daily requires a lot of commitment that could get you stressed up for the day. NeatClean helps to ease you of the stress of daily cleaning by providing professional, prompt, and reliable commercial cleaning services to your business. Our team of cleaning experts is trained to offer the best cleaning methods to help you maintain the facility and work area to the optimal.
    NeatClean is bent on supporting small, medium, and large-scale businesses with a healthy work environment that promotes hygiene. Our highly trained uniform-team experts storm your business area with permission of entry from assigned personnel or staff. Teams get assigned to businesses honoring the terms of the agreement as we provide a checklist to our clients. We honor our quotes and contract terms with prior notification of changes made.

    Commercial Buildings We Work With


    Owner-occupied Buildings

    We specialize in cleaning commercial buildings owned by businesses and brands. NeatClean cleaning experts help to fully optimize your building by providing our cleaning routine with uttermost caution. Our commercial cleaning team carries out their tasks guaranteeing optimal maintenance on every section and department of the building.

    Floor care with washing machine in an office lobby. Panorama of cleaning service with vacuum equipment on shiny marble floor in the luxury interior of company. Concept of professional cleaning job.

    Multi-Tenant Office Buildings

    NeatClean provides customer satisfactory cleaning and sanitary services to brands and businesses occupying multi-tenant office spaces. We assign a competent team to your wing of the building to help clean, disinfect, and sanitize the entire office area. Our cleaning professionals work with the interior of your multi-tenant office space by offering thorough cleaning from the doorstep.


    Single Tenant Building

    Renting an entire building for business purposes comes with lots of maintenance responsibilities that could be rather frustrating. NeatClean assigns a team of cleaning experts with specialties in handling various sections of your single-tenant building. We help to disinfect both visible and hidden areas of the property leaving the landscape completely spotless.



    We are known for providing outstanding cleaning and everyday maintenance services to production sites for years. For an affordable price, we would assign a team of cleaning experts with expertise in cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing factory production equipment and work environment. We prompt our cleaning team to learn the appropriate cleaning methods from your technicians.



    NeatClean cleaners help to sanitize your warehouse to ensure it's in the perfect condition for goods and products storage. We guarantee that all stacks and racks remain disinfected to avoid damaging the packaging of products stored. Each cleaning member is assigned a section of the warehouse and accountable to the supervisor in ensuring it stays cleaned always every day.


    Distribution Centers

    With the number of activities on distribution centers daily, it's best to seek our professional cleaning aid to support productivity. We'd ensure a team is on standby to help retouch areas with litter and dirt after loading and offloading trucks. A NeatClean team works under the supervision of the site manager to make sure the cleaning stays coordinated at all times.

    Our Commercial Cleaning Services


    Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

    We are experts at cleaning both commercial and industrial business environments. NeatClean is equipped with the supplies, equipment, and manpower to sanitize, disinfect, and clean commercial and industrial properties of all sizes.

    Construction Cleanups

    Construction Cleanups

    At NeatClean, we specialize in handling construction cleanup projects of any scale. Our team of cleaning professionals is trained at carrying out on-site construction cleaning of machines, tools, and construction materials.


    Carpet Cleaning

    Businesses trust the cleaning of their carpets and rugs with NeatClean to get the best fabric-centric wash. We are extremely cautious of the materials of our client's carpets and only apply mild chemicals to guarantee a sanitized wash.


    Striping & Floor Waxing

    Enjoy our floor waxing on your business landscape to help rejuvenate the floors by making them look brand new. We specialize in floor waxing using the right chemicals and equipment to suit all floor types and surface areas.

    Floor care with washing machine in an office lobby. Panorama of cleaning service with vacuum equipment on shiny marble floor in the luxury interior of company. Concept of professional cleaning job.

    Commercial Building Maintenance

    Our services extend to cover building maintenance if granted unrestricted access to all areas of the building. We ensure the equipment, rooms, stores, offices, and windows stay clean with an adequate maintenance routine in place at all times.


    De-Clutter & Organising

    We present our clients with at least 8 commercial organizing methods to help de-clutter their business environment. NeatClean professionals understand the importance of a well-organized work environment and how it enhances productivity. We'd help you achieve that!

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    Covid-19 Prevention & Control How we protect our customers


    To our valued customers,
    We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 development since December and
    adjusting our cleaning procedures accordingly. After the first case in Canada, we
    immediately advised and trained our team to be proactive in protecting themselves as
    well as to make sure our cleaning protocols were modified to combat the virus.
    At Neatclean Commercial we created cleaning protocols to ensure all workplaces are
    clean, healthy and safe for staff and visitors.
    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we would like to share with you the precautions our
    company has implemented to help keep your Business and our staff safe and well. Now,
    more than ever, disinfecting surfaces is of utmost importance. Our cleaners must wear
    gloves and masks while they are cleaning and have been trained on how to safely
    remove the gloves, masks and wash hands before and after cleaning.
    We will continue to provide cleaning services, but have implemented precautions to
    ensure the safety of our clients and team members.
    Please Visit Office Disinfection Services for more information