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    Running your business operations in a work environment where staff can boast of 100% sanitary practices helps to enhance business growth. With your team of workers reassured of safety against germs, bacteria, and potential illnesses, they’d work with zero worries on hygiene. More importantly, when your customers perceive the level of sanitary practices devoted to keeping your business environment sanitized, they’d trust you to handle their needs.
    At NeatClean, we’re trained cleaning professionals with expertise in disinfecting your commercial workstation from bacterial pathogens and viruses posing a threat to your health. Our commercial disinfection services are designed to assist businesses in Toronto and its surroundings achieve the highest standards of hygiene. We make our sanitation and disinfectant services available to businesses of all sizes by assessing the area before suggesting the best plan that suits your needs.

    Our Decontamination & Disinfection

    Biohazard Containment

    Biohazard Containment

    NeatClean disinfection specialists are professionals at carrying out the primary containment of biohazard materials. We are trained to immediately contain the area with the protection of staff and customers being our priority as we eliminate the threat. Our team of first-response personnel is certified to disinfect areas that come in contact with the biohazard substance. NeatClean uses the most suitable microbiological techniques and equipment for biohazard containment.

    Biohazard Cleanup & Decontamination

    We help businesses that are liable to biohazard contamination in service area GTA and its surroundings clean up and decontaminate the entire area. Biohazard cleanup and decontamination are needed to protect the exteriors and surfaces completely sanitized of every trace of the biohazard material. NeatClean has disinfectors facility design equipment and practices in place to fully sanitize machines, electrical appliances, and tools protecting the area from biohazard substances.

    Treatment & Decontamination of Hard Surfaces

    Businesses that do not face biohazard material spillage or outbreak also require disinfection and sanitization of their hard surfaces. Viruses or pathogens grow on hard surfaces without being visible to the naked eye. Our hard surface decontamination helps businesses to have thorough disinfection of areas both staff and customers come in contact with daily. NeatClean guarantees 99% germ-free hard surface upon getting our treatment and decontamination on every object in your business.

    Disinfection Cleaning Services

    Commercial Virus Sanitization & Disinfection

    Taking care of external threats to your work area is just as important as disinfecting to tackle the viruses internally. The NeatClean team assigned to your business would disinfect doorknobs, walkway rails, sitting areas, and other high-traffic spots to kill the viruses and germs. Our mandate is to always tackle and fight the virus or germs externally while making the business area free from them internally. Call in today to enjoy our tailored commercial virus sanitization of your business space.

    Areas Where We Treat

    NeatClean technicians generally target high-traffic areas of your business space the most when carrying out disinfecting routines. Ideally, non-porous surfaces are known to be the key point areas where viruses, bacteria, and germs come in contact with the human skin. Our disinfection and sanitization services cover but are not limited to areas like;

    NeatClean Disinfects to Prevent & Protect!

    While many cleaning companies make claims of thoroughly “cleaning” commercial business areas, we assess these properties and discover germs loitering around open surfaces. In today’s world of diverse sickness variants caused by germs, we understand the importance of sanitization services in public areas. NeatClean offers beyond your everyday cleaning and wiping of hard surfaces. We disinfect our client’s business space with the motive of protecting staff and customers.
    Some janitorial services may appear to look “clean” from the surface, but in reality, have germs loitering around the areas. Our disinfection and sanitization services are designed to fight and kill germs on surfaces to help support general hygiene. We offer professional disinfection with the appropriate tools and disinfecting materials to guarantee your surfaces optimal protection against viruses and germs-causing pathogens.

    What Our Sanitization Services Offer

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    Reach out to us today for inquiries on how our commercial cleaning services could help enhance productivity in your business. Call in for your consultation and free quotes on commercial cleaning suitable to your business needs.

    Covid-19 Prevention & Control How we protect our customers


    To our valued customers,
    We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 development since December and
    adjusting our cleaning procedures accordingly. After the first case in Canada, we
    immediately advised and trained our team to be proactive in protecting themselves as
    well as to make sure our cleaning protocols were modified to combat the virus.
    At Neatclean Commercial we created cleaning protocols to ensure all workplaces are
    clean, healthy and safe for staff and visitors.
    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we would like to share with you the precautions our
    company has implemented to help keep your Business and our staff safe and well. Now,
    more than ever, disinfecting surfaces is of utmost importance. Our cleaners must wear
    gloves and masks while they are cleaning and have been trained on how to safely
    remove the gloves, masks and wash hands before and after cleaning.
    We will continue to provide cleaning services, but have implemented precautions to
    ensure the safety of our clients and team members.
    Please Visit Office Disinfection Services for more information